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[Exhibition] We will exhibit at “Maintenance Resilience TOKYO 2023”

Santoku Corporation Co., Ltd. will exhibit at “Maintenance Resilience TOKYO 2023” (, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from July 26th (Wednesday) to July 28th (Friday), 2023.

I’ll be waiting for you at Tokyo Big Sight East exhibition building.

Please come by all means!

Maintenance Resilience TOKYO 2023

Maintenance Resilience aims to improve productivity, develop sustainable social infrastructure, and improve resilience in the manufacturing and construction industries, and by holding multiple specialized exhibitions at the same time, we will maximize the interconnectedness and improve the industry’s We provide a place to promote technology and information exchange that goes beyond the boundaries of

The concept of “maintenance”, which involves managing and maintaining production equipment, is expanding its related areas from production equipment to social infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and tunnels.
Furthermore, due to Japan’s important policy issue of “national resilience”, the word “resilience” is being heard more frequently.
“Resilience” is a word that is generally translated as “resilience, resilience, elasticity”, etc., and from this, it can be used at all levels of society, from individuals to organizations and systems such as companies and governments. The concepts of “risk response ability” and “crisis management ability” that everyone should have are becoming established.
The words “maintenance” and “resilience” are closely related in terms of preparing for and responding to troubles and risks.
Based on the above, under the general term “Maintenance Resilience’,’ we have brought together the latest products, technologies, and services related to “maintenance” and “resilience,” from production equipment to social infrastructure and various disaster countermeasures, to support manufacturing industries, government offices, and local governments. We provide a place for business negotiations and technical information exchange for people in the transportation and lifeline organizations, and the construction industry.

Source: Maintenance Resilience TOKYO 2023 official website

During the event period, you can experience the “RiMM VR disaster experience system”.

“RiMM disaster experience VR

Over 400 companies employed & over 106 types of disaster scenarios
This is a “VR disaster experience system” aimed at improving danger sensitivity. Please come and experience it for yourself.

“RiMM” is a VR disaster experience system that reproduces visual, auditory, and tactile sensations by wearing VR goggles and playing a VR disaster experience scenario video created by our company on a PC, allowing you to experience a simulated industrial accident.

By providing a simulated experience of an industrial accident using a VR disaster experience scenario video created based on past cases of industrial accidents, it stimulates negative emotions toward disasters such as “scary” and “disgusting” and improves sensitivity to danger. The purpose is that.

By using it in combination with classroom lectures, it is possible to carry out effective safety education.

In addition, we have opened demo rooms at four locations in Japan so that everyone can experience “RiMM” directly.

Disaster scenarios you can experience: 106 types Demo time required: Approximately 1.5 hours

[ Location of showroom where you can experience ]

  • Tokyo: Kanda
  • Osaka: Awaza
  • Nagoya: Marunouchi
  • Shimane: Matsue

*The number of people who can attend varies depending on the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Please contact us for more information.

Additionally, due to infectious disease prevention measures, we have started an online demonstration service for those who are unable to come to our demo room.

Our top priority is to connect with our customers, and under these circumstances, we will continue to balance economic activities with the coronavirus. For more information, please contact our sales staff. Thank you for your understanding.