Increased risk sensitivity

VR Disaster Experience


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customer repeat rate = over 65%!

VR is the latest technology that simulates the five senses.
A unique deformed expression
guides the line of sight and leaves a strong impression.

You can’t remember just by looking and listening!

Special designed Tactical VR glove give a strong dangerous sense by vibration and electrical discharge!

【We recommended 3 step Education】

Visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory senses are stimulated, and danger sensitivity is improved.
You can safely experience dangerous events.

Need for risk experience education

Work styles are diversifying, automation, labor saving, and mixed work through outsourcing is increasing.

Changes in work environment

Safety manatement Know-how is beginning to be lost.
Skilled workers tend to decrease year by year.
Systematic education is not possible for all.
More and more working alone.
It is designed to handle multipletasks at the same time.
Technology has become a black box.
It is becoming difficult to communicate and share dangerous information.

【Product Summary】
RiMM is a product that uses VR to safely experience a disaster accident.
Put sensory data (called a scenario) on the player.
Play and experience using VR goggles.
Experience the accident and feel psychologically “scary and disgusting!”
A product intended to increase risk sensitivity.

“Time required for experience” If it is not appropriate, emotions will not be generated and sensitivity will not increase!

The recommended sensory cycle for reduced sensitivity is 10-12 months.

A moderate negative sensation is ideal for improving sensivity

RiMM produces effects by reproducing various senses including the five senses / tactile sense and sense of balance!

in order to reduce the risk of mental disorders, various suppression functions (eliminating the expression of risk factors and adjusting the stimulus sensitivity of 3 to 5 senses) are installed. This function does not completely eliminate risk factors. Please judge and experience the use of the system at your own discretion.

High mobility + Quick installation + No adjustment + Simple operation!

Installation is completed in 15 minutes after arriving at the site with a mobile tyoe VR experienct starts, and installation of the experience unit is completed in 3 steps!

We accept paid maintenance of equipment. In addition to selling RiMM maintenance parts, after-sales service by a serviceman is also available.

Mobile all-in-one
External dimensions : L630xW500xH360mm
Total weight approximate 22kg
Assembly is completed in 15 minutes!

Focus on safety & save space
Installation Operation dimensions : L2000 x W2000 mm

The recommended experience cycle is 10 to 12 months.
The effect of continuous use has been confirmed!

Disaster scenarios are updated from time to time.
Please contact us separately for proof of non-applicability and overseas export during multilingual release.

Remarks) Some parts of the product may be changed without notice due to discontinuation or revision of the parts supplier. Please note.

Configuration list of RiMM model

(international model, add -G at the end of the product name number)

Adopted by 65% users! Additional purchases after the introduction are increasing!

Gull wing motion base (reproduction of sense of balance)
Comes in a mobile storage case / Tool-less and foldable / With moving wheels (weight approx. 85 kg)

RiMM SHB-006 (-G) RiMM Mobile Basic Mk3-G

RiMM SHB-007 (-G) RiMM Mobile Standard Mk3-G

RiMM SHB-008 (-G) RiMM Mobile Boost Mk3-G

RiMM SHB-009 (-G) RiMM Mobile Advance Mk3-G

RiMM SHB-0010 (-G) RiMM Mobile Professional Mk3-G

6 major occupational accidents example

Fall accident (Number of VR reproductions = 24 examples

Electric shock disaster (Number of VR reproductions = 10 examples

Caught in rotating bodies accident (Number of VR reproductions = 17 examples

Sandwiched accident (Number of VR reproductions = 12 examples

Accidents of tripping and falling (Number of VR reproductions = 12 examples

Explosion / poisoning disaster (Number of VR reproductions = 7 examples

 Please refer to the link below for the reproduction scenario. 

※The contents of commercialization are subject to change without notice. Please note.

Next-generation network service

It can be operated in a variety of environments such as intranet, internet,cloud,standalone.


RiMM KYcontents.NET
Disaster case study CG video

Providing the disaster video case study via the network.

Possible to conduct a case study with disaster reconstruction video
Case studies improve the ability to predict danger
Streaming can be viewed using a web browser
Viewing history remains and learning is managed
Define hazards and assess hazard sensitivity (optional)
All disaster reenactment video content can be viewed
Content is continuously added and updated
Annual contract service for each license (automatic renewal)


RiMM-EX Streaming realtime streaming method

RiMM-EX features

[Web real-time streaming specification]
No need to install dedicated software on the terminal
The latest software can be used by the WEB access method
Various network devices available
Limited interaction


New feature roadmap

Self-contained and hands-on education through automatic guidance

Automatic execution from danger experience to education for proper self-protection by one person

Experience optimization by emotional evaluation (patented)



Japanese culture that respects the spirit creates respect for
individual human and leads to safety and peace of mind.

This is why we want to spread RiMM to the world.

Demonstration demonstration support is available at
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