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[Media publication information] Our company was featured in the “50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2023” feature in the U.S. “The Silicon Review”.

A report on the VR disaster experience system “RiMM” released by Santoku Corporation and our company’s philosophy of safety and security, which was selected as one of the “50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2023” by the American Tec website “The Silicon Review” has been published.

“50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2023”

Our editorial department will interview you and report on the latest information regarding our products and our philosophy of safety and security.

The media also introduces the potential impact that our VR disaster experience system “RiMM” has on safety education, as well as our future initiatives.
Please take a look.

Introduction of our products

“RiMM disaster experience VR

Over 400 companies employed & over 106 types of disaster scenarios
This is a “VR disaster experience system” aimed at improving danger sensitivity. Please come and experience it for yourself.

“KY disaster case study by CG video”

An efficient disaster case study video that visualizes more than 50 types of disasters.

“RiMM Awareness Education VR 360 degree live-action recording & viewing advance”

We analyze the risk factors in the workplace and provide means to prevent or alert you to accidents. The actual work environment will be photographed (photos and videos) using a 360-degree VR camera. The image of the workplace is directly captured in VR (virtual reality) and the workplace is recreated in virtual space. Have children use their five senses (visual + auditory) to find risk factors that can cause disasters. We discover specific dangers that exist in the workplace, stimulate human instincts, and raise awareness of danger. Ideal for disaster prevention education.

In addition, we have opened demo rooms at four locations in Japan so that everyone can experience “RiMM” directly.

Disaster scenarios you can experience: 106 types Demo time required: Approximately 1.5 hours

[ Location of showroom where you can experience ]

  • Tokyo: Kanda
  • Osaka: Awaza
  • Nagoya: Marunouchi
  • Shimane: Matsue

*The number of people who can attend varies depending on the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Please contact us for more information.

Additionally, due to infectious disease prevention measures, we have started an online demonstration service for those who are unable to come to our demo room.

Our top priority is to connect with our customers, and under these circumstances, we will continue to balance economic activities with the coronavirus. For more information, please contact our sales staff. Thank you for your understanding.