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360VR AdvanceUsing VR mobile Kit

360VR Advance.NETOption Network Multiple user play


Shooting the site and making it a panorama VR of all surroundings,
writing directly in the space!

RiMM VR360 Camera + SCE-046
360VR Advance・360VR Advance.NET

You can make a practical environment VR and predict danger!

Easy system upgrade according to the application

Step1→【SCE-046 camera replay scenario】Shooting the scene →VR → VR Experience + pointing

System upgrage 

Step2→【360VRAdvance】Creation of practical teaching materials = area + instruction teaching → danger prediction education & evaluation

System upgrage 

Step3→【360VRAdvance.NET】Information can be shared with anyone, anytime, anywhere, on various devices

System upgrage 



Japanese culture that respects the spirit creates respect for
individual human and leads to safety and peace of mind.

This is why we want to spread RiMM to the world.

Demonstration demonstration support is available at
[Tokyo: Kanda, Osaka: Awaza, Nagoya: Marunouchi, Shimane : Matsue, Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh, Thailand (Bangkok), Singapore = 7 bases in total]

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