Know about Disaster

KY disaster case study by CG video


It is important to know the disasters that can occur at the site, and keep them in memory efficiently!

Learn about disasters in a short time
(complete in 20 seconds)
Intuitively understand

 (by original deformed expression)
Guidance to risk factors

 (by original deformation expression)
Overcoming language barriers

 (for overseas workers)
Based on actual disasters


Network playback using RiMM Server

You can point out and evaluate dangerous spots by using the server!

It is a reproduction of a disaster based on facts based on disaster information from the Japanese government’s Ministry of Health,Labor and Welfare “Workplace Safety Site” and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

   …Occupational accidents    …General disaster (fire)

As evidenced by the Eppinghauts forgetting curve,human forget 50% after an hour.

It is important to fix memory with 6 methods!

We recommend “6 method of learning and memory” based on cognitive psychology!

  • Distributed learning (spaced)…Distribute learning content and time
  • Deepen understanding (elaboration)…While asking why and having them explain
  • Memorize with pictures and words (dual coding)…Image memory with words and pictures
  • Remind (search learning)…Remind after time passes
  • Concretization (associating with examples)…Associating concepts with specific examples
  • Interleave…learning while switching topics

“Learning to think about disasters, ask for opinions, and discuss them is effective for consolidating memories.”



Japanese culture that respects the spirit creates respect for
individual human and leads to safety and peace of mind.

This is why we want to spread RiMM to the world.

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