Improving Technical skills / Make decisions and act

Memorize body

Technical Training Simulator

Nuclear power plant Protective security simulator (developed in 2012)


Nuclear power plant Decommissioning work simulator (developed in 2015)


Judgement behavior to survive

Disaster initial response simulator

Promoting instant decision-making and action when disaster strikes

“”Instantaneous conditional judgement”
Worse if judgement is slowed down
[Don’t get caught up in assumptions]
[do the best]
[Initiative evacuation]


Eliminate unexpected

DIG Role-playing Simulator

Description of disaster event and time,execution of simulation

Role play style disaster simulation

Crisis management

Hazard map Edit&show

Dig Sim Option

Register on a tablet and display a map

Guide Assist

AR status Monitor

Dig Sim Option

Confirm the disaster situation with AR

Enhancement of disaster resilience (education for leaders)



Japanese culture that respects the spirit creates respect for
individual human and leads to safety and peace of mind.

This is why we want to spread RiMM to the world.

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