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Midori Anzen Co., Ltd.Japan
RiMM [VR disaster experience]
RiMM [VR disaster experience]

Sales company list

Hewlett-Packard Japan Co., Ltd.Japan
DMU Studio,
KDDI CORPORATIONOverseas (Compatible with overseas corporations)
RiMM [Training simulation] & [VR disaster experience]
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.Japan
RiMM [VR disaster experience]
Otani Shokai Co., Ltd.Japan
RiMM [VR disaster experience]
Kowa Emori Co., Ltd./Emori Shoji Co., Ltd.Japan / Overseas (Compatible with overseas corporations)
RiMM [VR disaster experience]
Nissin Machinery Co., Ltd.Japan
RiMM [Training simulation]
Itochu Techno-Solutions Co., Ltd.Japan
RiMM [Training simulation]



Japanese culture that respects the spirit creates respect for
individual human and leads to safety and peace of mind.

This is why we want to spread RiMM to the world.

Demonstration demonstration support is available at
[Tokyo: Kanda, Osaka: Awaza, Nagoya: Marunouchi, Shimane : Matsue, Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh, Thailand (Bangkok), Singapore = 7 bases in total]

Online demo has started!
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