RiMM product introduction video has been uploaded.


We have uploaded a product introduction video (90 seconds) for improving risk sensitivity with the VR disaster experience system.

https://rimm.ai/improved-sensitivity-motivation-switch/ RiMM危険感受性向上の為の教育ツール

“Exhibition / Exhibition Information” Demonstrations will be held at the following exhibitions.

Construction Industry Disaster Prevention Association (Construction Disaster Prevention) October 7-8, Kyoto International Conference Center (joint exhibition with Midori Anzen)

2021 autumn RiMM exhibitions information


Information on exhibitions in 2021 will be posted. RiMM will be demonstrated at all exhibitions. We will thoroughly implement infection control measures and conduct a hands-on demonstration while carrying out alcohol disinfection of the demonstration equipment for each experience.

Maintenance Range Reence July 14th to 16th INTEX Osaka already implemented

Human Interface Society September 16-18 Online Online

Construction Industry Disaster Prevention Association October 7-8 Kyoto (joint exhibition with Midori Anzen)

Manufacturing Fair Hakata October 13th to 15th Hakata

Crisis Management Exhibition Liscon October 20-22 Tokyo Big Sight

Green Cross Exhibition October 27-29 Yurakucho International Forum

Messe Nagoya November 10-12 Nagoya

We hope that everyone will experience the opening of the RiMM at the venue.

Exhibited at Maintenance Resilience OSAKA 2021 (July 14-16). We will hold a live demonstration to introduce our products.


Thank you very much for your continued support.

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at “Maintenance Resilience OSAKA 2021” (https://www.jma.or.jp/mente/osaka/index.html), which will be held at Intex Osaka Hall 6 from July 14 to 16.

During the event, live demonstrations of popular products such as the “RiMM Awareness Education VR 360-degree Live Recording & View Advance” will be broadcast from 10:30 a.m. daily at the following URL. The demonstration is scheduled to last about 30 minutes.

We will also introduce the release information of VR Disaster Scenario + KY Reproduction Image at the following URL.

Please come and see the demo of our new product.

RiMM Virtual Disaster DIG Training System (Virtual Disaster Web Training)

The RiMM Virtual Disaster DIG Training System (Virtual Disaster Web Training) provides trial-and-error disaster response and execution methods to reduce damage and improve capabilities.

Create a list of disaster events based on your own assumptions of non-existent disasters. The situation will progress according to the event list. Simulate group collaboration through networking. The function of simulating disaster response behavior is realized through a networked system of Disaster Imagination Games. This is a particularly effective educational tool for dealing with unknown disasters.

RiMM Awareness Education VR 360-degree Live Action Recording & View Advance

This system analyzes risk factors in the workplace and provides a means to prevent and recognize disasters.

The actual workplace environment is captured by a 360-degree VR camera (photo and video). By using the five senses (sight + sound), the user can search for risk factors that could cause a disaster. This allows them to discover specific hazards that exist in the workplace, stimulating their essential human intuition and raising their awareness of danger. It is ideal for disaster prevention and response education.

RiMM Disaster Simulation VR
Adopted by 400 companies, 95 types of disaster scenarios, improving hazard sensitivity

Please visit our booth and experience it for yourself.

KY Disaster Reproduction Video
33 types of disasters are visualized for efficient disaster case studies.


We have set up demonstration rooms at four locations in Japan so that you can directly experience “RiMM”.

Disaster scenarios you can experience: 95 types Demonstration time: about 1.5 hours 

Tokyo: Kanda up to 10 people

Osaka: Awaza up to 7 people

Nagoya: Marunouchi up to 10 people

Shimane: Matsue up to 3 people

We have also started an online demonstration service for those who cannot come to our demo room due to infection control. We are committed to connecting with our customers first and foremost, and we are also committed to balancing economic activities “With Corona” under these circumstances.

For more details, our sales staff will provide you with information.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Maintenance resilience Osaka 2020 is being held


Maintenance Resilience Osaka 2020, which is being held at INTEX Osaka, has been held since July 29th (Wed.) yesterday.
At booth number 4C-06, we exhibited our product RiMM Virtual Reality Disaster Experience System so that visitors can experience occupational accidents.

Today, July 30th (Thursday) and tomorrow, 31st (Friday), we will be holding infectious disease countermeasures from 10:00 to 17:00.

Infection prevention measures when you experience

・ 3 As a measure against denseness, we will limit the number of people who can experience it.
・ We will thoroughly measure the temperature of the staff who respond, disinfect hands, and prevent infections by wearing masks.
・ We will disinfect devices such as VR goggles each time you use them.

Please drop in at the Santoku Corporation booth when you visit us!