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86 types of disaster images / 114 types of VR senario (Total 200 disaster) experience & network service “RiMM Safety & Security Cyclone Philosophy” announced

RiMM KY 86 kinds of disaster reproduction videos have been released.

RiMM VR disaster scenario 114 types have been released. Contents have been decided and under development up to SCE-164.

The network-based RiMM service concept is executed sequentially.

The network-type RiMM Safety and Security Cyclone Philosophy is a concept that will make all RIMM products network-compatible in the future and at the same time provide high-value-added services accordingly. By making the service network compatible, the product execution time and contents are recorded in the system. It is possible to create new additional functions by analyzing according to RiMM’s circulation philosophy based on the recorded information. We analyze the data and recommend the timing to implement the most suitable educational program for the person. You can evaluate the condition before and after the implementation, analyze the educational effect, and optimize the program according to the human resources. These services are sequentially developed and executed according to RiMM’s concept of a comprehensive cycle. (With this announcement, product sales and manufacturing of RiMM mobile 2 will not be Discontinued)

Disaster scenario recommendation based on field-specific usage history

 → Educational scheduling function

 → Sensitivity evaluation feedback

 → Individual optimization

 → Standardization

Scheduled to be released sequentially (released sequentially from 2022 to 2024)