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VR Disaster Experience System “RiMM” Disaster Experience Scenario New Release Information (March 31, 2022)

We Santoku Corporation have developed and marketed the “RiMM Virtual Realty Disaster Experience System,” a software program that shows concrete dangers that exist in a place and stimulates our essential intuition, making us feel psychologically scared and uncomfortable and increasing our susceptibility to danger.


We are pleased to announce the release of the following 11 new disaster scenarios for the RiMM Virtual Realty Disaster Simulation System.

[New Release]: Disaster Experience Scenarios

RiMM SCE-131 Accident of being caught while operating a work at height vehicle

RiMM SCE-132 Tilt and Pinch Accident of Work at Height Vehicle

RiMM SCE-133 Cutting Disaster during PF Pipe Cutting

RiMM SCE-134 Carrier caught in between disaster

RiMM SCE-137 High voltage receiving panel electric shock hazard

RiMM SCE-138 High Voltage Cable Cutting

RiMM SCE-139 Uninterruptible power supply electrical shock hazard

RiMM SCE-140 Blower belt entrapment accident

RiMM SCE-141 Chemical exposure accident when receiving chemicals

RiMM SCE-143 Explosion damage due to reaction in flask

RiMM SCE-144 Accidental cut during glass tube assembly

With this addition, the total number of “VR disaster experience scenarios” released by the Company now stands at 106.

For more detailed information on the added scenarios, please visit our showroom below for a hands-on demo.

  • Tokyo: Kanda 
  • Osaka: Awaza 
  • Nagoya: Marunouchi 

We are pleased to invite you to experience “RiMM” in person at the above showrooms.

[Available Disaster scenarios]: 106 scenarios available in total 

[Demonstration time]: approx. 1.5 to 2 hours 
*The capacity of each showroom is adjusted to prevent infection of COVID-19.

For customers who cannot visit our showrooms, we have prepared a website for viewing scenarios from the viewpoint of the person who experienced the scenario.

Online demonstration services are also available(*mainly for Japanese market). We will make the best of our connection with our customers and furthermore, we will combine economic activities as “With Corona” under this situation.

For more information, please contact our sales representatives or dealers who handle our products.

We look forward to your continued support for Santoku Corporation and the RIMM Virtual Reality Disaster Experience System.

Please contact with as via above contact form.