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Santoku Corporation exhibit at Japan Pack 2022 (Feb. 15-18, Tokyo Big Sight) Exhibition

Santoku Corporation will exhibit at “Japan Pack 2022 ( ) “, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight for four days from February 15 to 18.

【Session】2022 February 15 (Fire) – February 18 (Gold) 10:00 – 17:00

Venue] Tokyo Big Sight, West Exhibition Hall (Halls 1-4), South Exhibition Hall (Halls 1-2)

You can experience the popular products such as “RiMM VR Disaster Simulation System” and “RiMM Awareness Education VR 360-degree Live Action Recording & View Advance”.

“RiMM Disaster Experience VR”

400 companies have adopted the system, and there are 95 disaster scenarios.

“KY Disaster Reconstruction Video.”

33 types of disasters are visualized for efficient disaster case studies.

RiMM Virtual Disaster DIG Training System (Virtual Disaster Web Training)

Make your own assumptions and create a list of disaster events that will occur. The situation will progress according to the event list. Cooperation is simulated in groups through a network. The function of simulating disaster response behavior is realized through a networked system of Disaster Imagination Games. This is a particularly effective educational tool for dealing with unknown disasters.

RiMM Awareness Education VR 360° Live Recording & View Advance

Analyze risk factors in the workplace and provide a means to prevent and recognize disasters. The actual workplace environment is photographed (photos and videos) using a 360-degree VR camera. By using the five senses (sight + sound), the user can search for risk factors that could cause a disaster. This allows them to discover specific hazards that exist in the workplace, stimulating their essential human intuition and raising their awareness of danger. It is ideal for disaster prevention education.

In addition, we have set up demonstration rooms at four locations in Japan so that everyone can directly experience “RiMM”.

You can take a experience of 95 types Disaster scenarios. Demonstration time: about 1.5 hours 

【Showroom locations where you can experience】

  • Tokyo: Kanda
  • Osaka:Awaza
  • Nagoya: Marunouchi
  • Shimane:Matsue

The number of people who can come depends on the situation of COVID-19. Please contact us for details.

We have also started an online demonstration service for those who cannot come to our demo room due to infection control.

We will continue to place the highest priority on connecting with our customers, and we will also continue to balance our economic activities as “With Corona” under these circumstances. For more details, our sales staff will provide you with further information. Thank you very much for your cooperation.