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An interview article with General Manager Matsuda was published in “50 Rapidly Growing Companies in 2020” by The Silicon Review of the United States.

Santoku Corporation Co., Ltd. Information Equipment Department is psychologically scared and disgusted by stimulating the essential intuition of human beings by concretely showing the dangers that exist in various workplaces by combining VR technology and mechatronics technology. We are developing the software “RiMM Virtual Reality Disaster Experience System” that makes you feel a sense of danger and raises risk sensitivity.

Shin Matsuda, General Manager of this division, was interviewed by The Silicon Review of the United States as “50 companies that will grow rapidly in 2020” about “RiMM Virtual Realty Disaster Experience System” and was published in the same media.

The Silicon Review

[What is RiMM (RiMM Virtual Realty Disaster Experience System)]
RiMM is a combination of VR technology and mechatronics technology, with VR goggles for visual and auditory senses, gloves for tactile and pain sensations, and low floor shaking device for wind pressure. It is a software that reproduces the vibration and concretely shows the dangers that exist in various workplaces, stimulates the essential intuition of human beings, makes them feel psychologically scared and disliked, and raises the risk sensitivity.
Currently, it is used for safety education of more than 300 companies.