Exhibited at “Maintenance Resilience OSAKA 2020”


Maintenance / Resilience OSAKA 2020 aims to improve productivity, sustainable social capital development, and resilience in the manufacturing and construction industries, maximize mutual relationships, and promote technology and information exchange that transcends industry boundaries. It is an exhibition to be held.

At the Santoku Corporation booth, we will introduce the software RiMM that allows you to experience the dangers that exist in various workplaces.

By stimulating the essential intuition of human beings, it is psychologically “scary / disliked!” And is currently used in safety education of more than 200 companies with the aim of increasing risk sensitivity.

You can actually experience an occupational accident using VR and mechatronics that reproduces tactile sensation, pain sensation, wind pressure, and vibration.

Infection prevention measures when you experience

・ 3 As a measure against denseness, we will limit the number of people who can experience it.
・ We will thoroughly measure the temperature of the staff who respond, disinfect hands, and prevent infections by wearing masks.
・ We will disinfect devices such as VR goggles each time you use them.

▪Exhibit overview

Name: Maintenance Resilience OSAKA 2020
Date: July 29th (Wednesday) -31st (Friday), 2020
Time: 10: 00-17: 00
Venue: INTEX Osaka
Exhibition Information: Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition 2020 Booth No. 4C-06
Exhibit details: RiMM Virtual Realty Disaster Experience System
Official Website: https://www.jma.or.jp/mente/index.html