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[Exhibition Information] We are exhibiting at “Factory Equipment / Equipment Exhibition” in Japan Manufacturing World. (Tokyo Big Sight)

2022/3 / 16-18 Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 1 Booth No. 1-7

During the exhibition period, you can experience popular products such as “RiMM (Rim) VR Disaster Experience System” and “RiMM Awareness Education VR 360 Degree Live-Action Recording & View Advance”.

“RiMM disaster experience VR”

Adopted by 400 companies, more than 95 types of disaster scenarios, “VR disaster experience system” aimed at improving risk sensitivity. Please come and experience it.

“KY disaster reproduction video”

This is an efficient disaster case study video that visualizes 33 types of disasters.

“RiMM Virtual Disaster DIG Training System (Virtual Disaster Web Training)”

In order to reduce damage, we will improve our ability by providing trial and error and means of disaster response. Assuming a non-existent disaster yourself, create a list of disaster event occurrences. The situation progresses according to the event list. The network simulates cooperation in group units. The function of simulating disaster coping behavior is realized by a network system of disaster map training (Disaster Imagination Game). It is an effective educational means especially as a means of responding to unknown disasters.

“RiMM Awareness Education VR 360 Degree Live-Action Recording & View Advance”

We analyze risk factors in the workplace and provide means to prevent or make people aware of disasters. Take a picture (photo, video) of the actual work environment with a 360-degree VR camera all around. The image of the workplace is taken into VR (virtual reality) as it is, and the workplace is reproduced in the virtual space. Use your senses (visual + auditory) to search for risk factors that cause disasters. It specifically discovers the dangers that exist in the workplace, stimulates the essential intuition of human beings, and raises awareness of danger. Ideal for disaster prevention response education.

In addition, we have set up demo rooms at four bases in Japan so that everyone can directly experience “RiMM”.

Disaster scenarios that you can experience: 95 types Demonstration time: Approximately 1.5 hours

[Experienceable showroom location]
Tokyo: Kanda
Osaka: Awaza
Nagoya: Marunouchi
Shimane: Matsue

  • The number of visitors will vary depending on the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Please contact us for more information.

In addition, we have started an online demonstration service for those who cannot come to the demo room to prevent infectious diseases.

We will put the connection with our customers first, and further balance economic activities as “With Corona” in this situation. For details, our sales staff will inform you. Thank you for your cooperation.

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2021 RiMM article listing

In 2021, we have listed all 16 publications that introduced RiMM in various media. In addition to Japan, many people from the United States and India have confirmed this. Thank you very much for 2021, and we will continue to work in the future.

(1) Toyo Keizai BRIDGE article posted
January “Disaster experience software using virtual reality VR that changes safety awareness and learning motivation”

(2) APAC CIO Outlook Article published in American Economic Magazine
January “VR that continues to evolve for people”

(3) The CEO View American economic magazine / article publication
January “Top 10 Trustworthy companies of the year”

(4) Japan Management Association CONNECT WEB media article posting for members
February “I want to contribute to all kinds of safety improvements-High-quality safety education with VR technology that approaches the sense of substance-“

(5) Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, national newspaper, articles
March “Experience disaster proceedings with VR (improve safety awareness at the site)”

(6) APAC CIO Outlook American Economic Magazine Article
April “Virtual humanoid that evolves and brings peace of mind

(7) CIO Coverage American economic magazine / article publication
May “Best Innovative Companies to Watch in 2021”

(8) India Forbes, India, article publication
June “Manufacturing Industries with Disaster Response Training Simulator”

(9) Food factory manager monthly magazine / article publication
June “Experience the danger experience education using VR by the editorial staff of this magazine!”

(10) Weekly Economist Weekly magazines and articles
June “Experience danger with VR Safety education”

(11) The Executive Headlines American Economic Magazine / Article
July “20 Innovative Companies to Watch of 2021”

(12) Water services newspaper, industry newspaper, article publication
Half-October: Safety education using VR “Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks Bureau”

(13) Toyo Keizai ASPECT article posted
October “Continuing evolution to protect the” safety “of people and the earth” Nichirei Logi talk

(14) Logistics Nippon Industry newspaper / article publication
November “Experience” fear “with all five senses (safety education” manneri “escape)” Hitachi Transport System talks

(15) The CEO View American economic magazine / article publication
November “50 Innovators of the year”

(16) Insight Success American economic magazine / article publication
December “RiMM contributes to society by creating methods and safety ideas that enhance safety.”

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An interview with the division manager Matsuda was published in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun published on September 25th.

Santoku Corporation Co., Ltd. Information Equipment Department is psychologically scared and disgusted by stimulating the essential intuition of human beings by concretely showing the dangers that exist in various workplaces by combining VR technology and mechatronics technology. We are developing the software “RiMM Virtual Reality Disaster Experience System” that makes you feel a sense of danger and raises risk sensitivity.

Our division manager, Susumu Matsuda, was interviewed by the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun “Companies that confront adversity” published on September 25, 2020 about “RiMM Virtual Realty Disaster Experience System”. It was published in the paper.

In the interview

  • Features of the RiMM
  • Why it is used in many industries
  • Future strategy

Matsuda answers the question about.

Please take a look at the key point explanation about “RiMM Virtual Reality Disaster Experience System” by Matsuda.