Judgment behavior when RiMM is abnormal

We provide experiential learning, coping training, and information sharing means to reduce disasters.

To reduce disasters, we will share a disaster database and learn known disaster response methods. In order to respond to an unknown disaster, you will learn the significance of once denying the conventional concept and thinking in a way that is not bound by assumptions when a disaster occurs. Make a habit of thinking for yourself and making decisions at the same time. Encourage them to take the initiative according to their judgment and increase their survival rate.

Resilience (flexible strength, ability to recover) leap

Through training, you will learn to deny, judge immediately,
and act without being bound by assumptions.

By repeating trial and error while comparing the method of encouraging judgment behavior in the event of a disaster with a specific theme, we will find a solution and standardize it. A development example that has already been materialized is a training simulator for natural disaster response. It is a simulator that judges the situation on the spot and practices immediate action.

RiMM Natural disaster response, evacuation guidance, triage, school disaster prevention, emergency lifesaving simulator

Development concept of natural disaster initial response training simulator

[Intuition system] “Instant condition judgment” → Crisis management competency is improved.
The scenario changes according to the judgment, and if the judgment is delayed, the situation worsens. Develop a training system based on the lessons of
 ”denial-> thinking-> training to encourage the practice of actions”
[don’t get caught up in assumptions], [do your best], and [take the initiative to evacuate] 

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