RiMM Skill transfer simulator

We provide a means to record work and freely confirm and imitate viewpoints in order to pass on skills.

Motion capture records the actions, operations, and postures of experts in three dimensions. The work environment is reproduced in the virtual space by using the RiMM database together. You can check the behavior from a free viewpoint and visualize the parameters recorded with the posture in the virtual space. At the same time, by comparing with one’s own posture, we will grasp the difference from the expert and provide a means to transmit and pass on the skill while imitating the skilled operation.

Skill improvement education (work constant simulator)

Intuitively memorize the dangers that exist in the workplace by “seeing and manipulating” them.

In addition to the 3D environment database, environment data such as CG data, CAD data, and 3D laser measurement data can be used. Furthermore, operating costs can be reduced by using media files (photo, SE, audio, video) together. The optional scenario editing editor allows operators who do not know the programming language to change the scenario using the graphical user interface (GUI) without having to write the programming language. You can also build more advanced training scenarios by programming in the Python language using the optional scene editing editor. RiMM is the only simulation software that allows the user to freely change the training scenario.

Data of on-site know-how recorded by recording video and audio

RiMM Software structure / functional configuration

We provide a custom development service (GeneralizePack) according to user requirements. Using RiMM’s 3D database together, creating 3D data motion with custom specifications, creating training scenarios, providing scripts in Python language (provided for a fee), designing custom software linked with hardware, building and managing a series of training scenarios Provides the ability to do. We also provide an optional RiMM development support tool.

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