Recruitment of RiMM collaborators

We are looking for people who can cooperate with RiMM manufacturing.

  • Those who can participate in product development (employees, project participation “student participation possible”)
  • Those who are interested in manufacturing (domestic / overseas)
  • Those who can cooperate with overseas expansion (Southeast Asia, North America, Europe excluding China)

Conditions for student participation (those who meet any of the following conditions)

  • Programming knowledge (Python, c #, c ++ “no experience required”)
  • Those who are interested in human sense reproduction and psychology
  • Those who have knowledge of mechatronics or image processing
  • Those who are interested in building a safe / secure social environment
  • Those who want to create services that are not yet available in the world
  • Those who want to create new added value by combining existing technologies
  • Minimum requirement: Participation is required for 2 weeks or more.
  • If you wish to have an internship system, please contact us.

Concept of RiMM promotion

Highly motivated human resources and new manufacturing
Foster and participate in young human resources to establish an industry in this field.
Call for cooperation in developing safety ideas around the world.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.