RiMM Resilience capacity improvement

We provide supple strength and a means of recovery in order to face and respond to disasters.

Even if we can learn about disasters, think about how to deal with them, and make efforts to reduce them, we cannot eliminate them. By creating a database in which you can experience disasters, sharing that information, and learning about and learning about various disasters, you can minimize the damage in the event of a disaster. For unknown disasters that have occurred, it is necessary to face the disaster head-on, record the disaster, and find a response method through trial and error. It is also important to find a way to mitigate the damage to the “heart” caused by a disaster. Lim continues the challenge of finding ways to improve disaster resilience.

Resilience (flexible strength, ability to recover) leap

You will learn to deny, judge, and take the initiative without being bound by assumptions.

[RiMM Resilience Product Theme]

  • Disaster database construction (change unknown to known)
  • Experience to make the unknown known (realized virtually)
  • Unknown / known judgment (clarify the failure)
  • Unpredictable → Change the judgment criteria (change the way of thinking and approach from the opposite)
  • Imagine the unknown and generate a scenario (imagine and assume and find a response)
  • Case study to judge the situation (promote judgment)
  • Training to take action immediately from judgment (change the flow)
  • When you find a mistake (find a way to recover)
  • Assuming the worst, cut off the flow (cut off the source)
  • Supple strength (experience failure)
  • Relieve stress caused by awe (optimistic thinking + disaster immunity)
  • Eliminate fear with repeated experiences (rewrite the fear recorded on the body)


It is running based on the concept of making the unknown known.


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