RiMM Sensitivity improvement VR (disaster experience)

Aiming to eradicate disasters, we will provide means to encourage coping methods and safe actions through experience.

It is software that allows you to safely and effectively experience dangerous events (disasters) by reproducing the five senses (visual + auditory + tactile + olfactory) using VR (virtual reality). By concretely showing the dangers that exist in the workplace and stimulating the essential human intuition, it makes people feel psychologically scared and disliked, and increases their sensitivity to danger. It is the only simulation software that specializes in safety and security, and is ideal for disaster experience (sensitivity improvement) education.

Safety education method using VR (3-step education recommended)

You can intuitively feel “heart” by “seeing and listening”
by concretely showing the dangers that exist in the workplace.

For the experience using VR, it is effective to use VR + reality in combination!

VR virtual reality is a technology that simulates the five human senses.
RiMM stimulates more than 3 sensations and increases risk sensitivity!
It has been confirmed that the sensation that stimulates multiple sensations at the same time has a high learning effect.
By stimulating the five senses with VR, you can experience something close to the actual experience (reproducibility of 96% or more for the RiMM).
It is characterized by a greater transmission effect due to its unique deformation technology.
With RiMM, you can safely increase your risk sensitivity by getting a realistic feeling of “scary + dislike!”.
A large number of disaster events have been confirmed that cannot be experienced by sight and hearing alone.
Such disaster events can be enhanced by the additional reproduction of + touch and smell.
The RiMM can be used repeatedly with its unique tactile and olfactory effects.
RiMM has many functions to suppress PTSD.
PTSD countermeasures are a necessary matter, and the important point is not natural and raw expressions, but easy-to-feel expressions.

We have commercialized a disaster scenario with high educational effect!
Overwhelming number of accident responses! 
[Standard product: scenario expansion]

A total of 95 types have already been standardized, please contact us for details.
Standard accident scenarios to be commercialized and sold (more than 134 scenarios have already been decided and are under development, and will be expanded to 200 events)

High mobility + fast installation + no adjustment required + easy operation!

Installation is completed in 15 minutes after arriving at the site with a portable type VR experience start Installation of the experience unit is completed in 3 steps!

(1)Haptic glove attach
Haptic glove attach
(2)VR goggles attach
VR goggles attach
(3)One push start
One push start

No adjustment required + easy operation → 3 steps to install the experience unit

No adjustment required + simple operation →
Installation of the experience unit is completed in 3 steps!

Mobile storage case /
Assembly completed in 15 minutes

Installation dimensions:
L3000 x W2500 mm

RiMM adoption record in the safety & security field

Number of hiring companies = 400 (as of May 2021)

Companies adopting RiMM in the field of occupational accidents “Only companies that have agreed to disclose the company name”
Tokyo Denka Holdings Co., Ltd. Kashiwazaki Kariwa Power Station (introduced in March 2017)
Toyota Motor Tahara Factory (introduced in March 2017)
MHI Aerospace Production (introduced in March 2017)
Chiyoda Kako Construction (introduced in June 2017)
Chubu Electric Safety Association (introduced in July 2017)
Kandenko Co., Ltd. (introduced in July 2017)
Daiwa Lease Co., Ltd. (introduced in July 2017)
Nittetsu Bussan Kimitsu Co., Ltd. (introduced in August 2017)
Hitachi Systems
Co., Ltd. (introduced in August 2017 ) Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. (introduced in August 2017) )
Midori Auto Leather Co., Ltd. (Introduced in September 2107)
Toyota Motor Tahara Factory (Additional introduction: January 2018)
Hikoshima Smelting Co., Ltd. (Introduced in February 2018)
Osaka Steel Co., Ltd. (2018)
( Introduced in March) Chubu Electric Safety Association (Additional introduction: March 2018)
Panasonic Lighting Device Co., Ltd. (Introduced in March 2018)
JR West Japan General Building Service Co., Ltd.
( Introduced in March 2018) Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. ( Introduced in March 2018) Headquarters) (Introduced in March 2018)
Denka Co., Ltd. (Introduced in April 2018)
Nisshi Co., Ltd. ( Introduced in May 2018) Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Introduced in 2018)
Mitsubishi Electric Building Techno Service Co., Ltd. (Headquarters) (introduced in 2018)
Other introduction user names are not disclosed

Job types that have already adopted RiMM

Government, medical care, electric power, electrical equipment, electricity, water supply, gas, construction civil engineering, materials, building construction, plants, steelmaking, metals, automobiles, railways, aircraft, heavy machinery, petrochemicals, materials, fabrics, cement, papermaking, air conditioning, Machinery, electronics, parts, information, food, logistics, trading companies, equipment, communications, machinery, medical, etc.

In May 2021, the number of companies exceeded 400. After introducing the rim (horizontal deployment at each base is in progress)
Addition of equipment, addition of options, addition of accident scenarios: The number of repeat adoptions has increased by over 50%! The effectiveness of tactile sensation in disaster experience was confirmed. The introduction rate of tactile gloves exceeded 97%. Floor rocking devices are used in 50% of the installations (increasing year by year).

Product Summary

  • RiMM is a product that uses virtual reality VR to safely experience occupational accidents.
  • Data for experience (called a scenario) is placed on the player (software) and played and experienced using VR goggles.
  • It is a product that aims to increase the risk sensitivity of the person who experiences the accident by making them feel “scary and disliked!”.

Necessity of danger experience education

  • Diversification of working styles
  • Promotion of automation, labor saving, and consolidation
  • Increased mixed work due to outsourcing

Changes in work environment

  • Safety management know-how is beginning to be lost
  • The number of skilled workers is decreasing year by year
  • Systematic education is not possible for everyone
  • Single work is increasing
  • It is designed to handle multiple tasks at the same time
  • Technology is becoming a black box
  • It is difficult to convey and share dangerous information

Points to introduce the implementation of danger experience training

  • Clarify the purpose and role of VR (Virtual Reality) simulation
  • Experience content is familiar, realistic, and practical
  • Being able to experience dangerous events safely
  • Objective and subjective evaluation, setting numerical goals
  • Incorporate a sustainable mechanism repeatedly
  • Conducting training that mixes virtual space and real space
  • Organize an educational program (3-step education recommended) including pre- and post-education using VR

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