RiMM Extension support tool

It provides both operability and expandability, and provides a means to immediately reproduce the image.

Recreating the virtual environment utilizes RiMM’s vast 3D environment database. The user uses the scenario editing function to define the reproduction content with GUI = sentences and diagrams. The playback player interprets the scenario, loads the environment from the database, and automatically executes the interaction. Various resources are available. For more complicated scenarios, it is possible to describe and define with a Python script and implement the function.

Providing development means and expanding functions
(providing access levels in 3 stages)

We will provide a means to immediately experience the image that appears in the “head”.

RiMM overview

RiMM intuitively programs the image to convey the image drawn on the “head” with all five senses. In addition, it is a tool that reproduces the virtual space as you imagined and you can experience it through interactive operations. In addition to game-like visual reproduction, auditory reproduction by 3D sound, tactile reproduction commercialized by mechatronics (tactile pressure sense, pain sense, force sense, etc.), and olfactory sense using odor components are also possible. For operations in space, you can directly operate and experience the avatar in virtual space with intuitive gesture input by motion capture.

RiMM scenario editing editor and operation level

There are three RiMM modes: boost playback mode, which allows the experiencer to experience the experience with intuitive operations, expert mode, in which an expert edits the experience space with graphical operations, and engineering mode, which creates the virtual experience space and operations more accurately. The operation mode is installed.

RiMM software key components

RiMM extension library

Multi-agent (library that shares
virtual space ) This is a function that allows multiple people to experience the space at the same time via a network in the virtual space. You can share the space in the virtual space and experience collaborative work and remote work.

RiMM 3D Scene Editing Editor Enterprise Edition (Commercial resale possible)

Requires programming knowledge in the Python programming language.

RiMM 3D scene editing editor Developer version (not for commercial resale)

Requires programming knowledge in the Python programming language.

RiMM 3D Scene Editing Editor Vizard is a Python programming tool for developing virtual reality software. Using 3D CAD data, a modeling tool for creating CG, we define interactive (interactive application) operations in virtual space and realize game-like operation functions in virtual space. It is possible to develop VR software using various VR goggles (Oculus, HTC), and to support and use advanced VR equipment as standard. It is widely used in the fields of brain science and psychology. *) Vizard is a product of WorldViz.

Product features

  • It has the basic function to generate the function of the content and has the function to easily construct the content by the Python script (interpreter) even by the user with little programming experience by using the intuitive GUI. Using

    the API of the SDK, You can extend your own functionality using C ++ programming.
  • The data file format supports the simulation industry standard OpenSceneGraph.
  • 3D environment data base (for RiMM: terrain, buildings, objects, people, animation) can be provided for a fee.
  • By installing the latest shader function, it is possible to generate and output high-quality game-like video.
  • Equipped with a CG tool for building a VR space and a 3D-CAD import function (optional), it is possible to edit and build a virtual space immediately.

Product functions

  • Supports shaders, 3DS MAX shader materials can be used as is
  • 64bit compatible
  • Large-scale data can be handled with automatic dynamic loading
  • Laser measurement and point cloud data can be handled
  • Compatible with various VR functions and devices
  • Can be displayed on 3D projection devices such as Cave and power walls
  • Supports various methods such as 3D stereoscopic display active and passive stereo display
  • Equipped with a display function on more than 20 types of head-mounted displays
  • Equipped with head and hand trunking functions
  • Compatible with haptic devices, full body, motion tracking

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