RiMM DIG Disaster Imagination Training Simulator

RiMM DIG Disaster Imagination Training Simulator Eliminate the unexpected

RiMM Inter Stream Sever(RiMM interstream server is required to operate the product.)

Role-playing simulation [Networking training methods on DIG diagrams]


By simulating disasters, repeating failures, searching for solutions through trial and error, overcoming obstacles, and enhancing your intuition through that experience!

RiMM DIG Hazard map editing / Monitoring Crisis management & intuition

RiMM Inter Stream Sever(RiMM interstream server is required to operate the product.)

Key features of the DIG hazard map module

  1. Hazard map can be created. (Interview method using terminal)
  2. The hazard can be displayed in a bird’s-eye view (2D map) and on the map.
  3. Items that can be added as hazards (text, video, photos, audio, etc.)
    Edited data is automatically uploaded to the server over the network.
Injury indicate flag + icon (20 types)
(Image + name + situation)

Hazard map creation using tablets and smartphones(Text / voice input, photo / video shooting + pasting)

Detachment movement route / editing
(Pass + branch + travel time)
Understanding the damage situation
(Editing and displaying classification by color distribution)

RiMM DIG/AR Status monitoring Enhance reality with AR & guide assist

RiMM Inter Stream Sever(RiMM interstream server is required to operate the product.)

During training, the AR function allows you to virtually reproduce a disaster.It is possible to guide by displaying the document according to the equipment / equipment.It can be linked with management information by maps and hazard maps.

AR status view

Media that can be displayed and used with the AR status function

Tablet / Smart Phone / AR Glass or Hololense2 (Custom Option)
Video, photos, texts, documents (documents that can be displayed on a browser)

Playback software is not required for playback on the terminal used by using a browser. However, Hololense 2 requires a separate contract with Microsoft.It is necessary to set up the service using Azure and Hololense 2 in advance and set it at the time of use. Hololense 2 is a registered trademark of Microsoft.

Realizing comprehensive safety education [RiMM network server service concept]

RiMM Inter Stream Sever(RiMM interstream server is required to operate the product.)

Use high-value-added safety education and training services → Install and use RiMM server products!

RiMM Safe and Secure Cyclone Philosophy
Based on Human Biological Characteristics

We will expand the functions of safety education
according to the roadmap!

By using a browser, on the terminal used, other than VR goggles
Terminal installation of reproduction software is unnecessary.

Building a network server system

RiMM Inter Stream Server

  • CMS function (content management system)
    Dedicated portal editing and management is possible according to needs Screen operation equivalent to the Web homepage format
  • Providing a user interface tailored to various terminals
    Windows / Mac, tablet, smartphone
  • Content management
    Automatically released according to News, announcements, and schedule
  • User interface management
    Providing WEB editing and management tools using World Press
  • Browsing log management function (SQL server) Access records, statistical information,video conversion / registration, etc.

[Operating environment specifications]
functions as a Web server
MySQL and PHP work
Core i5 or higher CPU
with 8GB or more memory
Equipped with SSD or HDD 500GB or more

[Communication data capacity]
On-demand delivery, stream start at accessApproximately 5-10 Mbps in Full HD
→ 1 stream LAN occupancy
Number of simultaneous accesses
10 people at the same time
→ 50Mbps-100Mbps band width consumption

Global support by using the cloud

Cloud operation Web service

* The above cloud service contract is required for use.
The above services are registered trademarks of each service company.

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