RiMM 360VR Advance

RiMM 360VR Advance(Using VR mobile kit)& 360VR Advance.NET(Option: Network playback)

Promote awareness

RiMM Inter Stream Sever(RiMM interstream server is required to operate the product.)

VR Mobile Kit + 360 VR Advance(Edit + VR experience)

Shooting on-site with a 360VR camera and teaching areas that instructors should point out with editing software Practical risk point indication evaluation is possible by using the realization site environment (VR) !

Shooting with a VR camera → Practical VR experience

Key features of 360VR Advance

  • Import of 360VR (photos / videos)
  • Area teaching (multiple registrations allowed)
  • Edit area combination map
  • Add information (characters, videos, photos, sounds, VR)
  • Data management (save, load)
  • VR display + point evaluation (recorded on the server)

Option)360VR Advance.NET
Multiple simultaneous experience & evaluation (without editing fuction)

Achieve comprehensive safety education [RiMM network / server compatible products]

RiMM Inter Stream Sever(RiMM interstream server is required to operate the product.)

Considering the comprehensive use of safety education and training services
→ Introduce and use RiMM server products!

Features of server-products (RiMM Inter Stream Sever service)

  • Abundant continuously maintained disaster database (work accidents, natural disasters, general disasters, man-made disasters) available
  • Realization of integrated safety education and training for general safety (expanded by adding software)
  • Diffusion + network distribution with a high degree of freedom & rights protection (service development globally)
  • Multi-platform (PC, goggles, tablet, smartphone) regardless of the terminal used No need for any application software due to browser access (start using existing terminals immediately)
  • Providing usage status and effectiveness information by industry by log analysis (service scheduled to start in the future)
Playback software is not required for playback on the terminal used by using a browser.

RiMM Network Compatible Products

Two-way streaming deliveryCMS + history management + rights protection

License for each server installation
An annual maintenance contract is required.

Purpose / use Know about disasters / Promote awareness

Virtual simulation Establish countermeasures
Strengthening collaboration / Crisis management and intuition / On-site guidance support

Building a network server system

RiMM Inter Stream Server

  • CMS function (content management system)
    Dedicated portal editing and management is possible according to needs Screen operation equivalent to the Web homepage format
  • Providing a user interface tailored to various terminals
    Windows / Mac, tablet, smartphone
  • Content management
    Automatically released according to News, announcements, and schedule
  • User interface management
    Providing WEB editing and management tools using World Press
  • Browsing log management function (SQL server) Access records, statistical information,video conversion / registration, etc.

[Operating environment specifications]
functions as a Web server
MySQL and PHP work
Core i5 or higher CPU
with 8GB or more memory
Equipped with SSD or HDD 500GB or more

[Communication data capacity]
On-demand delivery, stream start at accessApproximately 5-10 Mbps in Full HD
→ 1 stream LAN occupancy
Number of simultaneous accesses
10 people at the same time
→ 50Mbps-100Mbps band width consumption

Global support by using the cloud

Cloud operation Web service

* The above cloud service contract is required for use.
The above services are registered trademarks of each service company.

Demonstration demonstration support is available at
[Tokyo: Kanda, Osaka: Awaza, Nagoya: Marunouchi, Shimane : Matsue, Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh, Thailand (Bangkok), Singapore = 7 bases in total]

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