RiMM Improvement of unknown disaster response capability (Crisis management support virtual disaster Web training system)

In order to reduce damage, we will improve our ability by providing trial and error and means of execution for disaster response.

Assuming a non-existent disaster yourself, create a list of disaster event occurrences. The situation progresses according to the event list. The network simulates cooperation in group units. The function of simulating disaster coping behavior is realized by a network system of disaster map training (Disaster Imagination Game). It is an effective educational means especially as a means of responding to unknown disasters.

Resilience (flexible strength, ability to recover) leap

Think about the dangers that exist in the workplace, imagine them,
and record them on your body through virtual training.

RiMM product line structure(RiMM virtual disaster Web training system)

RiMM skill training

RiMM safety education

RiMM disaster response

irtual disaster Imaging Simulation DIG

Point of safety education using VR

Virtual disaster Web training / module configuration
(RiMM virtual disaster Web training system / combined with two functions)

RiMM virtual disaster Web training system (DIG Training system and Hazard map)

Virtual disaster web training / concept

General-purpose mechanism

The user can easily define the disaster ⇒ Describe the disaster in chronological order and complete the program

Cooperation between groups

Realization of a mechanism for exchanging information through virtual training ⇒ Communication and command through online chat

Convenience, permeability

Operation terminal available (PC, tablet, smartphone) + WEB browser browsing (no installation required)

Emphasis on practicality (can be used in both non-disasters and actual disasters)

  • Non-disaster: Hazard map creation & viewing vs. actual disaster: Bird’s-eye view of disaster situation
  • Non-disaster: AR status monitor Virtual disaster display vs. real disaster: Real-time video sharing via network

Virtual disaster web training / features

  • BCP coping education and training assuming natural disasters and man-made disasters are possible
  • Text-write disaster events in chronological order and complete the disaster program
  • Event generator automatically executes according to the disaster program
  • Distribute disaster events to training terminals (PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.)
  • Information can be transmitted and communicated between multiple groups by tag communication.
  • Delivery status is recorded and saved as a log
  • Educational review after training is possible while checking the delivery record
  • Linked with the display system on the map, a bird’s-eye view of the disaster situation is possible
  • The status monitor (AR glass) enables AR disaster display at virtual disaster locations.

Virtual disaster module Automatically executes the simulation according to the virtual disaster list.

● Virtual Disaster Web Training / Training Overview

● Virtual disaster Web training ・ “Implementation image (school disaster prevention / evacuation guidance)”

Image of “student evacuation guidance / disaster prevention training”
utilizing [RiMM DIG map disaster response training system]

● Virtual disaster web training / training interface

Virtual disaster simulation system configuration in virtual training space

● Virtual Disaster Web Training Operation Overview

● Virtual Disaster Web Training / Training Review

Image of collaborative training based on the occurrence of virtual disaster events & Log

Map display module Adds hazard information to map information and displays the status status.

● On-site video confirmation / real time

Hazard map function system configuration overview

● Hazard mapping registration (recording)

Hazard recording and hazard map editing management by maintenance workers

● Hazard map usage / operation (display)

Hazard flag display function (Icon + text + photo + audio + video, etc.)

Route writing / display function (Movement route instruction by line, multi-color support)

Area distribution writing / display function (Color distribution display by processing lines)

Please prepare the map information in bitmap format on the user side.
Image of using the hazard map function

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