RiMM Awareness VR 360 Degree View Advance

We analyze risk factors in the workplace and provide means to prevent or make people aware of disasters.

Take a picture (photo, video) of the actual work environment with a 360-degree VR camera all around. The image of the workplace is taken into VR (virtual reality) as it is, and the workplace is reproduced in the virtual space. Use your senses (visual + auditory) to search for risk factors that cause disasters. Software that trains safely and effectively. It specifically discovers the dangers that exist in the workplace, stimulates the essential intuition of human beings, and raises awareness of danger. Ideal for disaster prevention response education.

Safety education method using VR (3-step education recommended)

You can intuitively feel “heart” by “seeing and listening”
by concretely showing the dangers that exist in the workplace.

Safety & security / risk assessment tool

Show concretely the dangers that exist in the workplace and “see” and feel intuitively.
Think for yourself, look for dangers hidden in the field, notice, and find.


case study


Know the disasters
that are occuring in the field


Sensitivity improvement
disaster experience


Know the fear of disaster
and change consciousness


Safety improvement/
awareness education


Know how to protect
and find yourself


  • Record your site and point out dangerous points
  • Record and save before and after site renovation
  • Take a picture of the site and extract dangerous parts in a remote location
  • Record work status from multiple perspectives and check and examine work
  • Record the accident with VR video footage, breaking News

Point of safety education using VR

Product Configuration

Using a mobile playback kit and a 360-degree camera, it is possible to shoot the site 360-degree and check it in VR.


  • RiMM activation
  • Operation manual + product inspection certificate
  • 1 year product warranty (warranty) etc.

Contents to be prepared by the customer

  • Desk + AC100V + 2m x 3m space only


SCE46 VR 360-degree camera on-site recording risk assessment *Required

VRCM001 360-degree view advance

SCE46 VR 360 degree camera on-site recording risk assessment

Using the video of the actual site, the dangerous place can point out


Develop the ability to be aware of the dangers lurking in the field


  • hoot and record video and audio with a 360-degree VR camera.
  • Play / pause video and still images of captured video.
  • Pointing mark on the controller.

On-site shooting with a 360-degree VR camera
(on-site shooting with a 360-degree VR camera, video & photo data acquisition)

360-degree camera shot of the work site
Stereo shooting with 8 eyes in 4 directions
VR image (actually spherical)

VR space creation with VR camera
(reflection in VR space by 360 degree VR camera image)

360VR Advance: Panorama-generated VR stereoscopic space display image

Reproduced image in VR space

VRCM001 360-degree view advance (Plug-in)

SCE46VR 360 degree camera Site recording Risk assessment Extended function software that can make more effective use of content

VRCM001 360-degree live-action recording & view advance extension function (function extension by plug-in to SCE-46)

• Teaching (correctness judgment) function

Furthermore, the following four functions are installed as functions for more effective teaching.

  • Text input / display
  • Insert / display video files
  • mapping
  • Countdown

Equipped with an editing mode that allows customers to create their own teaching materials

Equipped with a production / editing mode for teaching using the above functions

Size setting of the pointed out area

Editing & training using live-action VR
(RiMM 360VR advanced teaching function)

360VR Advance: Point out dangerous points hidden in the work site → Collate, display answers, evaluate points

Editing & training using live-action VR
(RiMM 360VR Advanced multiple areas conjunction + mapping function)

Only diagnosed place was turned into VR example
Example that turned into VR as walk-through can be displayed

Editing & training using live-action VR
(RiMM 360 VR Advance “Teaching function of pointed out place”)

Size setting of the pointed out area
Correct / incorrect judgment in the pointed out area

360 degree live-action recording & view advance function introduction

1. Teaching (correctness judgment) function

You can teach dangerous places from the perspective of an expert

  1. For images taken with a 360-degree camera You can set the dangerous points that you want to point out in advance.
  2. You can compare the preset dangerous points with the points pointed out by the experiencer and judge the correctness.

Points that could be pointed out → Displayed in blue
Parts that could not be pointed out → Displayed in red

2. Text input / display function

About dangerous places using text you can enter a supplementary explanation.

3. Video insertion / display function

Video files can be inserted and played in specified locations, you can explain the dangerous points more visually.

4. Mapping function

You can link the recorded video part with the MAP data. It can be used to check the route of pseudo-safety patrols.

5. Countdown function

You can set a time limit for each scene and automatically move to the next scene when the time runs out.
* The time limit can be set arbitrarily

6. Editing function for teaching material production

You can create teaching materials by yourself using the existing functions.

We are making improvements and improvements to make the edit mode easier to use. Until it is completed, we will handle the editing work.
Improvement completion time: Scheduled for August 2021
In addition, the software update after improvement will be carried out free of charge.

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